Our precious dogs, on left, Mya (Boo-Boo) and Benny (Benjamin Norman Holloway)



...has done been released ya'all...

 (and not just along your neighbor's weedy ol' fence)

The first ever digital MP3 release of the itchy song called Chiggers! was just released world wide and is just one of the crazy novelty songs (a life long hobby) written by 'David Holliday'.  "Chiggers!" has appeared on the Dr. Demento Show 7 times. The song is now finally available at CD baby. Just click on Chiggers!

Coming soon to CD baby and iTunes very soon.... are these "off-center" fun-E songs:

I'd Get Along With My Neighbors (If They Didn't Live Next Door)

My Blue Tattoo

Oh, Nicotina

Shoot Hoop!












(In the style of MarkTwain) "I do not recommend drinking or for that matter smoking cigars... unless there's some sort of good reason for it." David Holloway 

Live comedy, TV shows, movies and laughter are good for all of us.

Our favorite comedies: The cast & writers... of Seinfeld and King of Queens... especially the wild cards.. Jerry Stiller & Kosmo Kramer!   How about Lewis Black!  Fun-E...

Everybody Loves Raymond cast & writers, Mark Twain, David Letterman, the late great Johnny Carson... David's  friend, Louisville's own "preshiate it" Bob Batch: Bob claims that I introduced him to show business when he played trumpet in a band I formed years ago!

 Dana Carvey, Jerry Stiller, Bonnie Hunt, Ellen Degeneres...

How about Robin Williams, Gene Hackman & Nathan Lane (Mr. Broadway in "The Bird Cage" movie!

Tim Allen, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Uncle Fester (his name is fun-e...The Adams Family),  the magnificent Michael Caine & Steve Martin in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", and another great comedic actor...    

  Jack Nicholson


Could you be a fun-guy? 

Morel mushrooms David found in the spring 2010 ... and in 2011  found 58 'shrooms'...finally!



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